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Stained glass cotton plantt


To enliven spirits and spaces.

To inspire a life in happy hues.


With stained glass works, may Enhues Studio bring the sky to you in hues of light.

May its works bring joy to your days, with the reminder that life’s colourful in every way.

Crafted with care and love, each piece is original and handmade, with hopes of creating a timeless piece that can be cherished always.

Stained glass glasswing butterfly


The name Enhues was inspired by the French phrase "La Vie En Rose" — which translates to life in pink; life in happy hues.

Deriving of "en" and "hues" — with "en" meaning to add on to, and "hues" which simply means colours, Enhues embodies the idea of adding colours to one's life.


HI !

I'm Jia Xi, a 24 year-old creative from sunny Singapore and the owner of Enhues Studio. Thank you for finding your way here and and being a part of my artistic endeavours. ♡
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