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Hello! Thank you for dropping by my stained glass care tips page. If there are any concerns that have not been addressed on this page, feel free to drop me an email at . Alternatively, drop me a direct message  on Instagram for a quicker response.

Grainy Surface


The solder used in my works contain lead which is harmful if inhaled or ingested, therefore, always wash your hands with soap and warm water after handling. Please keep these works away from children and pets to ensure their safety.

General Care


Stained glass works are delicate and should always be handled gently. Do not bend the works as the glass can crack or break under too much pressure.

Hang in a safe place: Choose a location with low traffic to hang your works. Use a secure hook or nail to hang it, and avoid suction cups as they lose their traction over time. An ideal spot to hang would be wherever natural sunlight reaches.

Grainy Surface


All works are thoroughly cleaned and polished before being sent out to their new homes. While minimal cleaning is required, it's recommended that you clean your stained glass piece at least once or twice a year to retain its look. However, if the piece is frequently handled or displayed in a dusty/humid environment, it may require more frequent cleaning.

Always clean gently: Use a soft cloth or microfiber towel to gently wipe the stained glass surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage or scratch the glass/ patina.

Tarnish on solder seams is normal over time due to oxidization. To remove tarnish from your stained glass, use a wet q-tip to wipe it away. A mild soap and water solution mix can be used if necessary, but ensure that the work is completely dry after.


To restore shine and add a layer of protection to slow oxidization, regular car wax or furniture polish (lemon pledge) that contains carnauba wax can be used.

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